Why Hyker protects 

Insect repellency through textile chemistry 

Chemistry meets Textiles 

Hyker is a small company founded in Orange, Connecticut by a team of chemists and nature enthusiast with the aim of helping to protect our community from Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses. We combined our knowledge of polymer chemistry and our resources within the textile industry to produce our first line of EPA-registered tick and mosquito repellent clothing. Each product is coated on-site in Connecticut with a polymer layer of permethrin microcapsules. These provide lasting protection with a guarantee of up to 50 washes. We also carry and distribute awesome bug spray from our Connecticut neighbors, Ranger Ready. We're really proud to work together with Connecticut companies to help protect our community from Lyme disease and encourage safe adventuring into our beautiful outdoors. 

EPA-Registered Permethrin Chemistry 

Each product is coated by our team of chemists with a precise layer of EPA-registered polymer microencapsulated permerthin. Permethrin is a textile-safe, insect-repelleng chemical belonging to the pyrethroid family. Permethrin is typically sold in spray bottles that can be reapplied to garments. Our technology encapsulates the permethrin molecule in a polymer that is then bound to the fabric fibers, lasting up to 50 washes. This results in longer protection and less spray use long term. 

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